Advanced Induction Cylinder Head Development
Ai CNC'd 195cc Street/Strip LT4 Cylinder Head Package

This is a great option for those who don't need to move up to a 200cc+ sized head.  It includes all of the CNC work from our 215cc LT4 package except the fully ported intake port.  The intake port work is limited to the valve seat or "bowl" area.  This head typically manages 380-440rwhp SAE on daily drivable hydraulic roller 355-396's depending on inlet, exhaust, drive train, etc.

Machining & Labor:
  • 100% CNC Ported Exhaust runners
  • 100% CNC Unshrouded & Contoured Chambers
  • 100% CNC Professional Competition Quality Valvejob
  • Precision Grind & Back Cut OEM 2.00" & 1.55" Valves
  • Re-Machined Intake, Exhaust Flanges, & Valve Cover Rails
  • Both Pressure and Hardness tested to ensure the casting's integrity & ability to seal
  • PCD milled to ensure flatness, surface finish, & achieve desired chamber volume (54 - 60 cc)
  • Professionally assembled for your specific intended use, camshaft, & valve train setup
  • Manley Super Finished .650" Lift Nextek Springs
  • Ai Custom Machined & Hardened Chrome Moly Locators
  • Genuine CompCams Machined & Hardened 10 deg Retainers and Locks
  • OEM Quality Steel Jacketed Viton Seals
Cost: $1195 for labor, CNC work, and components listed above applied to your GM LT castings

Labor and Component Options:
Install K-Line Bronze Guide Liners & hone to ideal clearances - Cost: +$125
Ai 2.00" Int & 1.56" Exh Custom Stainless valves for SR or high EGT applications - Cost: +$215
PSI .700"+ solid roller dual springs w/ Xceldyne Ti-17 Retainers & locks - Cost: +$695

Add an Ai Billet Core Custom grind camshaft for $395 when bought w/ head work!

Recommended Usage: Stock 350 cid - 396 cid short blocks with piston relief/dish volumes of 5-16 cc.  Finished chamber size after milling is 54 - 60 cc depending upon application.  If a volume is not specified, we will automatically mill your order to 56 cc.