Welcome to Advanced Induction!  Please have a look around as we revise our website & don't hesitate to contact us if you don't see what you're after!  We'll also be adding many more customer videos of our product in action on our Youtube Channel.

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News and Updates:

Summer 2018

We are fortunate to be extremely busy.  As many of you guys know from the long responses I've often sent out, I tend to enjoy talking with everyone.  However, I have less time to be in the office lately.  Email responses will often be delayed.  In order to keep the backlog of work from getting too long, we're making a few changes for the time being to help us keep up.  Thank you guys so much for working with us, and keeping us so busy over the years!

  • Current Backlog for most types of LSx & DI LT-X CNC work is 1-2 months
  • Only LSx & DI LT-X jobs for now.  Run of old school LT likely end of Summer.
  • Only doing full CNC porting jobs - no Performance Rebuilds
  • No one-off cams - we will keep a few popular grinds on hand

  • If you know you want CNC work, you are welcome to get your heads inbound & shoot us an email at Sales @ with info on what you're sending in, your project, goals, tracking #'s, your return shipping address, etc.  With your heads in hand we can then get them in line for work, and invoice you once we have a chance to inspect them during prep for CNC work.  If you have blown up, modified, or damaged cores, please wait until we can respond via email.

    Please be sure the name you use in your email is written on the box & put a note inside with your name, email, etc!

    Check out the Packing Tips before sending in heads.

    Keep in mind, some of our shops / builders like Race Proven Motorsports, Heintz Racing, PCM of NC, Complete Street Performance, etc. often have heads already available or currently in process.  If you are working with an engine builder or shop, we're happy to do what we can to coordinate schedules with them.  We are always looking for competent and trustworthy installers we can send customers to for a turnkey experience.

    All cylinder heads, payments, parts, free samples, treats for the guys, etc. should be sent to:

    Advanced Induction
    6841 Belt Road
    Concord, NC 28027

Christmas & New Years: We will be out through New Years.
Don't hesitate to email, but it may be a few days before we can catch up to you, as we're out of the shop over the holidays.  We'll also be editing & updating some of the website over the next couple weeks, so be sure to contact us for quotes prior to sending in your heads. Thanks guys! -Phil

9-3-14: Large Valve GM243 CNC Program Available
A 2.055" intake valve version of our very popular 232cc CNC work for GM 243/799 castings is currently available. This option increases the power potential of our 232cc work by 15-25hp for most common street applications. Please email for info.  Thanks again!  -Phil

7-6-14: New GM LT-1 Corvette Stingray CNC Programs
We're currently producing various sized offerings for GM's new LT-1 cylinder head, and working primarily with shops to collect data & feedback. Until we finalize offerings, please email for info.  Thanks!  -Phil

3-3-13: GM LSA/LS9 CNC Programs
The GM LSA/LS9 head castings accept all of our CNC work options listed for GM 821 LS3's. The castings and work are excellent for both NA and forced induction applications.  Thanks again!  -Phil

12-18-12: Holiday Scheduling & Correspondence
We will be slowing down through New Years to perform yearly maintenance on machinery. Existing orders will still be in process over the holidays.  I'm still a few days behind on new inquiries after having been out of the shop more than anticipated this month.  Thanks very much & have a great holiday season!  -Phil

05-28-12: Ai 223cc Dart/RHS LSx Cathedral Heads
Our 223cc fully CNC'd Dart/RHS head is a fully CNC'd aftermarket casting based head for guys on a budget.  Available now at introductory pricing:  Click Here for more information.

05-23-12: Ai 230cc Trick Flow LSx Cathedral Heads
Our 230cc fully CNC'd 4.00"+ bore head is based on TFS' bare LSx cathedral head & is ideal for LS2's, strokers, etc. that need more potential than a GM 243.  Available now at introductory pricing:  Click Here for more info!

05-11-12: New 232cc GM 243/799 LS2/LS6 Program
Based on our proven 226cc program, the 232cc option improves cleanup & adds another few potential HP.  Info HERE.

01-21-12: LSx Heads & Cam Kit Info & Pricing
Our System Matched LSx Heads & Cam Kits have been added to the site HERE.

12-26-11: LSx Cam Kit Info & Pricing
Our most common LSx Cam Kit options have been added to the site under LSX>Valvetrain>System Matched Cam Kits.

6-26-11: Back to back dyno test - Ai CNC'd GM 5.3 vs. Aftermarket CNC'd heads
A customer has performed a true A/B dyno test changing only the head from an aftermarket CNC head to our 218cc CNC'd GM 5.3.  The result?  Gains throughout the entire RPM range enhancing both low RPM manners and performance!  His LS1tech results thread is here.

6-16-11: Additional LSx Porting Options
A variety of GM LSx head machining options from our Performance Rebuilds to full CNC porting have been added here.  More photos, results, and links will be added in the near future.

5-3-11: LSx Cams
Ai LSx Cams added here.  Many more grinds to be added as time allows.

4-2-11: New TFS Programs
We're currently testing new TFS casting based LS heads! Look for updates, availability, and pricing soon.

3-16-11: Small Chamber 219cc CNC 241 Program Released
Our small chamber program for the GM 241 casting is currently available. No longer will the 241 guys be forced to choose between compression or camshaft size due to the typical large chamber designs.