Head Core Policy:

We do not offer a core exchange.  If you do not have castings to send in for work we can supply New genuine OEM or aftermarket castings as a basis for our work.  If down time must be minimized, you can slightly shorten turnaround by paying via cashier's check or USPS Money Order.  You can also check with us for our manufacturing schedule and send in your heads when we are machining your type of head (LSx, LTx, BBC, etc.).  If you have a particular turnaround time that your project requires please feel free to ask if we can accommodate it.
Packaging & Shipping:

It is of paramount importance that you package your heads securely!  If your heads can move relative to one another in the box, OR relative to the box itself, there is a high probability they will be damaged in transit.  ALL shippers have handlers that will be dropping, throwing, and rolling your box(s).  You are responsible for any repair required due to damage incurred in shipping; insurance is typically useless except in the event your package is lost entirely.

Packaging Tips & Suggestions:
  • Insure your parts!

  • Ship via UPS or FedEx only.  If you ship via US Postal Service and they require us to go pick up your package you will be billed for the time required to do that - typically $50-75.

  • Do not allow Kinko's, UPS Store, etc. to package your heads if you cannot ensure they follow these tips.

  • Use a sturdy box!  If you ship heads in a box originally intended for something half their weight, anticipate some damage.

  • If your heads are oily, please bag them.  Trash bags make great head bags.

  • NO PACKING PEANUTS!  They are not adequate; your heads WILL damage one another. Worse, we will remember you as the guy who had us chasing peanuts all over the shop.

  • Consider bolting heads together deck to deck or wrapping them individually in towels, bubble wrap, etc.

  • Fill the box with heavy packing paper, wadded newspaper, cardboard, etc. such that it is VERY tight.  If it is not difficult to close, you need much more packing material.

  • Tape is cheaper than repair!  The best packaging job is all for naught if your heads are dumped onto the concrete because you were miserly with tape.  Tape ALL box seams so they are not exposed.  More than a few inches between pieces of tape over box openings is insufficient.  Added Note: Gents, this isn't what we are suggesting; tape the box securely. Thanks!