Advanced Induction Cylinder Head Development
100% CNC'd 190cc Street/Strip LT1 Cylinder Head Package

This is our original 190cc CNC'd intake port paired with the updated chamber and exhaust ports from our 200cc Competition CNC LT1 head.  With our extremely efficient ports this is enough head to propel a well setup daily drivers into the 11's on a budget!  Whether it's a hot strip only car, or powerful daily sleeper, this offering represents a great value.  Paired with one of our daily drivable HR cams these heads have garnered innumerable 400 rwhp+ stock short block and 430 rwhp+ / 430 rwtq 383 results.  With the updated ports, lightweight custom stainless valves, and high end .650" lift capable Manley Nextek SuperFinished springs this is easily the best value available to the LT market.  While the Nextek springs are significantly more expensive than other "beehive" springs available, the added insurance is well worth the price of admission.  Note:  Your heads must be casting number 10207643 or 10128374.

Now Available - Chamber volume up to 60cc

Machining & Labor:
  • 100% CNC Ported Intake & Exhaust runners
  • 100% CNC Unshrouded & Re-contoured Chambers
  • 100% CNC Professional Competition Quality Valvejob
  • Re-Machined Intake, Exhaust Flanges, & Valve Cover Rails
  • Both Pressure and Hardness tested to ensure the casting's integrity & ability to seal
  • PCD milled to ensure flatness, surface finish, & achieve desired chamber volume (52 - 56 cc)
  • Professionally assembled for your specific intended use, camshaft, & valve train setup
  • Manley Super Finished .650" Lift Nextek Springs
  • Ai Custom Machined & Hardened Chrome Moly Locators
  • Genuine CompCams Machined & Hardened 10 deg Retainers and Locks
  • Ai Custom Machined Stainless Pro-Flo Valves 2.00" Int & 1.56" Exh
  • OEM Quality Steel Jacketed Viton Seals

Cost: $1495 for labor, CNC work, and components listed above applied to your GM LT castings

Casting Options:
New GM LT1 Castings (Includes Rocker Stud Heli-Coils) - Cost: +$395

Labor and Component Options:
Install K-Line Bronze Guide Liners & hone to ideal clearances - Cost: +$125
PSI .700"+ solid roller dual springs w/ Xceldyne Ti-17 Retainers & locks - Cost: +$695

Add an Ai Billet Core Custom grind camshaft for $395-495 when bought w/ head work!

Recommended Usage: Stock 350 cid - 383 cid short blocks with piston relief/dish volumes of 5-16 cc.  With supporting modifications, manual stock short block F and Y bodies will typically produce 390 - 425 rwhp SAE corrected or 410 - 445 rwhp STD corrected depending on cam and valve train selection.  *Please note this head work requires your castings! Click here for packing and shipping information of your castings.*

Dyno, Flow Bench, and Track Results:
L T 1 190 cc Flow Sheet